fic: the hazards of relaxation (1/3)


ten x rose; teen; 4,400 words
beta: kahki820
summary: The Doctor and Rose try to spend a relaxing day at the beach. They fail. Fluff + tropes galore.

Rose looped her arm through the Doctor’s as they made their way along a stony path, translucent leaves overhead barely filtering the eager morning sun. He grinned at her and bumped her hip with his own before moving to take her hand, helping her down a steep section of jagged rock.

He was finally, finally, taking her on the beach holiday he’d long promised and, for once, Rose felt as if the day had absolutely no trouble in store for them. The most perilous bit of their plans involved the trek to the beach, which the Doctor said was a tiny strip of gleaming sand at the base of a tall cliff.

He hadn’t wanted to land the TARDIS at the bottom — something about volatile shifting tides — but Rose figured the climb down would be a small price to pay for one full day of blissful relaxation. (Besides, the Doctor in swimming trunks was an added bonus.)

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txxrdis asked:
NSFW Meme: TenToo x Rose + "What took you so long?" :D




On the first night he finds himself in a drafty hotel room with stray blonde hairs tickling his chin and smooth bare legs covering his trouser clad ones as he fights his brain for sleep. 

Rose’s acceptance of him was his deliverance. Her taking his hand as the TARDIS noise dissipated into another dimension his anchor. But he was on perilous ground, trapped on a rocky cliff with the void’s hungry mouth gaping up at him and if he stumbled … 

The way her petite body cages his against the mattress gives him a security that he clings to like a baby grasping it’s mother’s finger; on pure reflex, with no thought other than it feels right and necessary. 

She shifts and her knee strokes his inner thigh and the Doctor feels how ready this new body is for more. He aches and grows hard as he wonders how it would feel if he had stripped down to his pants before climbing into bed. He twitches when he contemplates Rose’s sleeping form and how her now slightly parted lips would look wrapped around his length. 

He moves and turns away from her. There’s a slight grumble of protest as he presents his back to Rose, but otherwise she does not stir after settling onto her back. Sleep finds him then and he dreams of the glow of the console room and the sound of the double beat of a Time Lord’s hearts. 

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camilabadwolf asked:
can you continue the bathtub one?


Sure! (I had to think for a minute before I caught on to the fic I think you’re referring to!)

Pairing: Ten/Rose

Rating: Adult; Explicit

Notes: Follows on from this fic but can be read alone. Because it’s just smut. :-)

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The Doctor startled awake at the sound of old brakes scraping a large vehicle to a stop. The discordant noise clashed with the otherwise harmonious symphony resounding outside. The howling wind, pounding rain, and tinkling ring of a neighbor’s wind chimes had all conspired a soothing melody that apparently lulled him to sleep some time ago.

An incremental rise in temperature had changed the ashen snowfall to sleet, and finally rain, over the course of Christmas Day.

Not the most festive weather.

But the inside of the Tyler flat was cozy enough, even at this late hour, lit only by the soft white glow of lights on the third Christmas tree to stand in the living room over this holiday.

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It’s a daily (and nightly) thing…(DWM 357) 

It’s a daily (and nightly) thing…(DWM 357) 

fic: before bed




The Doctor looked up. Rose was leaning against the doorframe of their living room with a sheepish expression on her face. He sniffed, and tilted his head to continue watching the telly. “Hello.”

“I’m sorry,” she murmured. In his peripheral vision he saw her fidgeting, scratching her forehead as she struggled to voice her apology. “I really am.”

He let her wait for a few seconds, then gave in. It had been a silly fight; she hadn’t meant the things she’d said. At least, he was pretty sure she hadn’t. He heaved a sigh and replied, “I’m sorry too.”

“Can I…?” She gestured to where he was laying on the sofa.

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badwolfreborn asked:


the kooks, “do you wanna”

And do you wanna
Do you wanna
Do you wanna make love to me?

Billie gives him a sideways glance as they make their way through the car park, her bare feet stepping lightly across the pavement while her heels dangle from two fingers.

David’s a few paces in front of her, holding a protective arm outstretched, keeping the paparazzi at bay.

She frowns and shakes her head, suddenly pissed off at his gentlemanly ways. He’s in sodding crushed velvet and a shirt straight out of the 70s and he’s skinny — incredibly skinny — and yet she wants him so fucking bad.

In the car she tries to even the playing field, sliding across the back seat so their thighs are touching, scratching the freckle between her breasts that he’s been staring at all night.

"That was wild, toward the end," he laughs, and she can tell he’s nervous. "All those cameras."

"Mhm." She puts her hand on his knee, lets her nails dig into the fabric of his trousers. "They all wanted a peek at the new Doctor."

"Nah, they only paid attention to me because I was standing with you."

She’s lost track of the conversation already, shifting in her seat so she can lean her head on his shoulder and slide her hand up the inside of his thigh. They’ve been heading here for a while and, now that they’ve arrived, she wants him to ask.


Her hand moves higher. 

"Bill, do you wanna…"

She reaches his hip, feels his muscles tense. She pauses, tilts her chin so her breath hits his neck when she speaks.


"Do you wanna come back to my flat?"

"Thought you’d never ask."

ficlet: sand, snowflakes, & promises kept


ten x rose, teen, 1,400 words
angst + cuddling; possibly in the 'solace in oblivion' ‘verse

Rose’s door is open a few inches, soft light spilling into the TARDIS hallway, but the Doctor knocks anyway.

“Come in,” she calls, squinting at him as he nudges the door open with his elbow and takes a step inside. “Since when do you knock?”

“Oh, I knock sometimes, don’t I?”

He shoves his hands even deeper into his pockets and clears his throat in an attempt to calm his stuttering hearts. Taking another step, he nearly trips over a pile of clothes — her jeans and pink jacket among them — and he smiles, thinking of the orange spacesuit left in a heap on his bathroom floor.

“The old you did,” she says, hugging her knees to her chest. “But this you, nope, not even once.”

Her words are teasing, but her voice sounds how he feels — shaken and unsettled. He opens his mouth to reply but, for once, no words come. He takes another step.

“Come here.”

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Anonymous asked:
Prompt where people are cat calling rose and the 10th doctor gets really mad and protective?


Paring: Ten/Rose

Rating: Teen for mild language and misogyny (children shouldn’t have to be exposed to that!)


Tensing up for only a moment before squaring her shoulders and fumbling for her phone, Rose braces herself for the portion of her usual walk from Shireen’s to her mum’s flat where she has to pass the cluster of drunken idiots, smoking and swigging 2-litre bottles of Tesco Value cider. She pretends she’s texting someone, not making eye contact and walking purposefully, but as always, the jeers and catcalls start immediately.

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Memories Writ on Skin


product of my tipsy brain so of course all mistakes are mine

Ten x Rose, teen

The first time it happened, they swore it was an accident, blamed it on the whiskey and the tequila and hypervodka whatever the hell else they’d drunk the night before. They didn’t regret waking up together, naked bodies twined around each other with a familiarity born of long association (even if that association had been carefully platonic until that moment).

The only regret, shared by both and voiced by neither, was that they couldn’t remember the details. She could remember the feel of his tongue rasping across her nipple and hands sliding across her slick body. He could remember the way that slipping into her felt like home and that her face when she fell apart beneath him was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.

Other than that, it was just blurred glimpses of bare skin and fleeting memories of sensations.

They promised that it wouldn’t change anything. They were still Rose Tyler and the Doctor, best friends, just as it should be.

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um, Happy Billie Piper Week?

Happy 32nd Birthday Billie Paul Piper (22nd September 1982)


Good Morning, Doctor by Sontrowa
I recently reached the big milestone of 100 followers!!! So the hubby drew this up for my milestone celebration as a gift for you!!


Good Morning, Doctor by Sontrowa

I recently reached the big milestone of 100 followers!!! So the hubby drew this up for my milestone celebration as a gift for you!!

Favourite Doctor Who characters - Rose Tyler