Measuring Up


Summary: The Doctor stumbles across a chart that has him concerned about his ability to please Rose.

Rating: Teen

A/N: So this spawned off of a conversation between almondina and I, due to her running across a real article about men’s penis sizes and how they correlate to woman’s satisfaction. The link to the article will be included in my tumblr post of the fic. Anyway, due to several hilarious tidbits she tossed my way and her asking so nicely, this happened. Thanks to thedoctordanceswithrose for the beta!

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It hadn’t taken long for the chart to spread like wildfire through the male ranks of Torchwood. That hadn’t been his intention when he had shown the copy to Jake. It was supposed to have been something shared in confidence, something kept between mates.

The Doctor should have known better.

He had found the bloody chart in some…fashion magazine two weekends ago. He and Rose had stayed at the Tyler mansion to watch Tony while Jackie and Pete took a quick getaway to Greece. One night, after they had finally managed to get Tony to bed, he had been waiting for Rose to get back to their room with late night snacks and had taken to pacing. The stack of magazines that Jackie always left for Rose having eventually caught his eye. He flipped uninterestedly through the pages. Ads and ridiculous articles about “how best to please your man” flitted in and out of view.

Then he had found the page. The Authentic Women’s Penis Size Preference Chart was staring him in the face. Complete with a sticky note from Jackie that read, “Is he a Cock Lord as well?”

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“'Just so everyone knows,' says Simon Morris after a couple of takes, 'while we're working on this point-of-view shot [of Rose running], David is going back to base to put his trousers on.' These are David's special, baggy pants, to disguise the padding that he must wear for his fall to the ground, when a Dalek blasts him. Health and safety you know…” —

DWM 398

"I’m as firm as you like down here," David boasts, on his return to set.


Tatiana Maslany || The Vow (2012)


David Tennant Voyage of the Damned BTS

 Tatiana Maslany | TIFF 2014 Rising Star brunch

Orphan Black cinematography: Detail

Ipsa Scientia Potestas Est



Um…did I mention that I ship the hell out of Doctor/Rose?
(Is it Ten or Tentoo? You decide.)




Um…did I mention that I ship the hell out of Doctor/Rose?

(Is it Ten or Tentoo? You decide.)


that’s what i am, just a traveler. imagine it, no tax, no bills, no boss. just the open sky

that’s what i am, just a traveler. imagine it, no tax, no bills, no boss. just the open sky


Behind the Scenes of The Unicorn and the Wasp

Excerpts from Jason Arnopp’s DWM article:

Greeves, fetch a flannel!  David Tennant has just spilt a cyanide-laced beverage all over his suit, while in the throes of some formidable “I’ve been poisoned” acting.  This incident has onlookers rolling about.

Once his suit has been miraculously speed-cleaned, David spends the remaining takes paranoid about repeating the blooper.  “Did that look like I was taking a decent gulp?” he asks.  “I was being so ginger about it!”

David’s favorite detective, we later learn, is Columbo.  […] “He’s just so cool.  A mind like a trap, hidden in a body like a dung-heap.  There’s also something quite Doctor-ish about him, so that’s probably why he appeals to me.”

DWM: When you dad Sandy’s present on set, as he is today, does it change the way you conduct yourself?
David:  It probably does make me behave myself.  But he’s very good at looking after himself: he’ll chat to anyone.  Even DWM!
DWM:  Do you utter profanity in front of your dad?
David:  I don’t swear at all - I don’t know what you’re talking about!  Besides… my dad might read this.
DWM:  What brings you to set today?
Sandy McDonald: I came down to see David.  We’ve been having a difficult family time [the episode was filmed a few weeks after David’s mother passed away] and I felt it would be good for us to get together.  As you can imagine, I must be high in the list of Doctor Who fans!  It’s good to meet the people: not just the stars, but also members of the crew who I hear David talking about.

The rest of my behind-the-scenes photosets are available here

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