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I like to look at Rose: [1/?]

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Anonymous asked: RoseTen or ElevenAmy?


For amairie (realenough), theuniverseismystage and paper-heartbeat (thelonelytimetraveller).

You lot have made my year and this is how I show gratitude: with Christmas presents. Thank you all for being the amazing friends you’ve been and I hope this carries on for a loooong time.

Bonus: the gallifreyan scribbles say the following:
    -Get a new chronofield dampener
    -Tell Rose (but this one the Doctor erased)


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Make Me Choose: hannibalsovenmittens asked The Christmas Invasion or The Runaway Bride


I like to look at Rose: [1/?]


"that’s why you’ve got to go.”

this scene has been nagging at me since i last watched doomsday. the doctor all but stamps out his emotions, joking with the others and avoiding rose’s questions. because he can’t let on that losing rose is going to nearly finish him; he can’t guilt her into staying with him when doing so would cost her her family, when her life would be in immediate danger if she stayed in proximity to the opened void. but as i watch rose’s heart break mine responds in kind. because after everything they’ve been through, all the wonders and misadventures and near-death experiences, all the times they’ve rescued each other. in spite of the doctor’s insistence she could “spend the rest of her life with him” and her promise to stay with him “forever,” he intends to send her away again, in what he deems is in her best interest. and like the first time he isn’t giving her a choice; he’s made the decision alone. and she can’t comprehend how he doesn’t understand that she would never willingly separate from him again. even when she rebels against his plan and tells him outright: “i made my choice a long time ago, and i’m never gonna leave you,” he is bewildered by it. truthfully i think he is terrified by how much rose loves him and he loves her in return. because he can never give her a normal human life. he would never expect her to or put her in a position to choose him over anything or anyone else important to her. rose is the single best part of his life, but his fear that he doesn’t deserve her, or even deserve to be happy, is strong enough that he will always be ready to make a sudden decision to protect her even if it means sacrificing his own happiness. but what the doctor doesn’t realize is how much he is hurting her with his words and their implications, his failure to discuss or negotiate the matter with her. rose gets another brief glimpse of just how cold and alien he can sometimes be. but how quickly and easily she forgives him. how apparent it is that his untimely stoicism and inability to communicate his emotions don’t diminish how she cares for him. and time and time again the bravery, loyalty and compassion that define rose tyler will always bring her back to him, even when daleks, satan himself, or entire universes stand in her way.


make me choose meme: pride-of-neverland asked: nine/rose or ten/rose?