A short story inspired by this poem. 


IDW announced plans to publish new comics based on the channel’s clone-centric sci-fi series "Orphan Black," with a scheduled start of early next year. (x)

IDW announced plans to publish new comics based on the channel’s clone-centric sci-fi series "Orphan Black," with a scheduled start of early next year. (x)


sandshoesandbadwolf said: Could you do Ten(too) and Rose in #70?

Seriously, I’m a sucker for anything ten(too)/rose. You guys know my obsessions too well!



Rough drawing.  I’m still trying to figure out the Doctor’s face. I hope to ink and copic this in the same manner as my last piece. 


Rough drawing.  I’m still trying to figure out the Doctor’s face. I hope to ink and copic this in the same manner as my last piece. 


Second Orphan Black Poster by Me :) 
PS: Thank you Clone Club and the person who runs the social media accounts of Orphan Black for sharing, liking, commenting this. It means a lot. 


Second Orphan Black Poster by Me :) 

PS: Thank you Clone Club and the person who runs the social media accounts of Orphan Black for sharing, liking, commenting this. It means a lot. 


Orphan Black Poster by Me


Orphan Black Poster by Me

fic: slow and steady, part 1/2


Ten/Rose. This is a very, very belated birthday fic for the wonderful thebadddestwolf. Sorry it’s so late!!

“Ouch,” grumbled the Doctor, as he straightened his posture. His hand moved to his lower back and he groaned a little.

Rose swallowed the bit of toast she was chewing and asked, “You all right?”

He’d been bending down to fetch something out of a cupboard in the galley when he’d felt the twinge. “Yeah. Just…” He rubbed at his back. “I dunno. My back’s killing me.”

"I can help you with that, if you want," Rose offered casually, taking a sip of her tea.

His eyes widened. “I’m sorry?”

"Mum said I was really good at giving back massages. Even tried to get me to go on a course for it, and all that. Too expensive though. Still, luckily Keisha’s aunt was a trained masseuse, so she taught me some stuff for free.” She placed her mug on the table and stood up, walking over to him. “I’ll give you a demo, turn around."

"No, no, it’s okay. I’ll be fine." He cleared his throat. "Thank you, though."

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grumpychangeling asked:
orphan black + make up



Helena is sixteen when she bleaches her hair. She’s in a big city for the first time and Tomas sends her out with a shopping list. With the left over money she buys a box of bleach, a tube of cherry red lipstick and a sugar cookie.

She applies the bleach in a gas station bathroom. The lipstick makes her eyes look even redder but she doesn’t mind. There is a painting at the convent of an angel with white hair and bright red lips. I am the original. I am the light.

Tomas throws her lipstick away but he allows her to to keep dying her hair.

Helena is sixteen when Tomas places a small knife in front of her and says cut.

All the good mystics wore hairshirts, didn’t they? They suffered in blessed silence.

I am the original. I am the light.

Helena is sixteen when she draws herself the most magnificent pair of wings on her back. When she dies she will grow feathers and fly to heaven.


When they are growing up Sarah and Felix share a make up box. After the third time Mrs. S catches them trying to use her nail polish and mascara she admits defeat and brings them to the drugstore. She gives them each a ten dollar bill and tells them to buy whatever they want.

Sarah buys nail polish in green and blue. Felix buys an eyeshadow pallet with sparkly blacks and purples.

Each week when they get their allowance they go back and get more. They keep their cosmetics in an old fishing box.

Just after his ninth birthday a boy two years older makes fun of Felix’s nail polish at the playground. Sarah had painted his nails blue the night before.  Felix punches him in the stomach and the boy responds by punching him in the eye. Sarah jumps down from her seat atop the monkey bars. Get the fuck away from my baby brother.

When Mrs. S finally stops fussing over his black eye Sarah takes the make up box off the shelf and puts it in front of him. Paint my eyes to match yours, she says. He smudges the dark powders on her eyes with his fingers.

She wears her make up like that every day until Kira is born.


Most of the time Cosima only bothers with eyeliner and chapstick. She’s been wearing her eyeliner like that so long she could apply it in her sleep.

Delphine wears cherry chapstick. Cosima makes fun of her for this every chance she has.

But Delphine is gone now. Cosima wears the chapstick she left behind and licks her lips. It tastes like sugar and soap. A contradiction in sensations. Just like Delphine.

I kissed my monitor and I liked it. Cosima starts laughing.Cosima coughing. Cosima starts wishing she wasn’t a scientist.

She knows exactly what parts of her body are refusing to function.

Soon she won’t have the strength and focus to wing her eyeliner.


Alison’s mother brings her to the make up counter at a high end department store when she is fifteen.

Her skin is uneven looking, her mother tells the salesperson. She needs something to cover her spots.

Alison leaves with a bag of foundation, concealer, nude lipstick, and four different kinda of cleansers. 

She washes her face until it feels raw. She covers the redness with the foundation and grows her bangs out to hide the acne on her forehead. She wants her face to look pristine.

Mother likes everything to be pristine.


When things go from bad to worse Cosima lets Felix use his steady hand to make up her eyes.

Cheer up, buttercup. You look like the cover of California girl Vogue. You’ll feel all better soon.


Rachel looks perfect. Every inch of her body is considered. Flaws covered up. Advantages highlighted.

Her mother, her maker, didn’t wear makeup. Her maker had looked carefree. Happy. They all look that way in the home movies she watches so often.

Rachel is not normal. Rachel is better than normal. Every female scientist and technician that interacts with her offers their advice. Rachel takes it all to heart.

Rachel is perfect.


Helena is twenty-eight the second time she wears lipstick. Not cherry red this time. A deeper blue-red. I am Rachel. I live in a glass tower like a princess.

There is no original. There is no light.

Helena is thirty years old when she stops bleaching her hair.


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Danger Zone


Ninth Doctor, Rose Tyler

Tension is high in the TARDIS after a Christmas in Cardiff.  Something’s bound to give.  Or rip.

Genre: I don’t even know.  Romance?  Angst?  Stuff?
Rating: so adult

For tinyconfusion, the-untempered-prism, and vannadear (who deserves hugs and puppies and crap for her bad day, but all I’ve got is fic.) Thanks to rudennotgingr for the fast and dirty beta read.  It seems appropriate.

“He’s more alive now than he’s ever been, old Charlie-boy,” the Doctor was saying, crossing his arms and watching the author on the monitor.  Then he glanced at Rose and smiled.  “Let’s give him one last surprise.”

With that, he reached out, fiddling with the controls and dematerializing the TARDIS.  They were able to watch Dickens’ face go from confusion to a sort of stunned happiness just before they spun off into the Vortex.

“Well, that was…an interesting Christmas,” Rose said with a grin as the Doctor stabilized them.  “Can’t say I’ve ever had one complete with homicidal ghosts from another world.  Still, first time for everything.  Ugh, but blimey, this corset is killing me.  Mind helping me out, Doctor?”

“How’d you get it on?” he asked with a frown as she turned her back to him.

“Some machine in the Wardrobe,” she said, waving a hand vaguely.  “But I don’t wanna wait that long to get the bloody thing off.  Please, Doctor?”

“Fine,” he said, rolling his eyes. 

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Orphan Black season 2 meme - [2/5] relationships

"You know I never had a real mom and dad. When I was your age it made me very angry. I was so confused and I don't want that for you. I guess I brought you here because there's two parts of you yeah? One of them is me and one is your dad."

moltobenebananas asked:
Ten/Rose: 43,10 :)


43. pool and 10. not wearing that - Ten/Rose


“Uh uh, no way, Doctor,” Rose says, “There is no way I am going to wear that, in public!”

“But Rose, there’s not many people out there. No one would really see you!” the Doctor argues.

Glaring, she crosses her arms. “No, Doctor. I’d rather skinny dip.”

His face lights up, his eyes dip down to her chest and he opens his mouth. She clears her throat, interrupting his thoughts, and his eyes snap back up to hers.

Rose smirks, saying, “You know, maybe that’s what I should do. Skinny dip. In that gorgeous pool out there, with those very sexy lifeguards.”

“Rose, they’re green. That’s not sexy!” he says, stepping closer. “Green is known as the least attractive colour in this galaxy!”

“Oh really, Doctor?” Rose replies, pulling her t-shirt over her head. She can almost hear his jaw drop. It was really just luck that today, she’s wearing matching pale green bra and knickers.

He swallows loudly, stepping closer again. He admits, “I could be wrong. Green might be very, very attractive.”

“Only might be?” Rose asks, enjoying the way his eyes have barely left her breasts. Quickly undoing the button, she waits until the Doctor notices where her hands rest. The moment his eyes drop lower, she pushes her shorts off. For a moment, there’s almost silence in the console room. The only noise aside from the ever present hum, is the sound of the Doctor’s breathing.

Finally dragging his eyes back up her body, taking the scenic route over her curves and bare skin, the Doctor finally meets her stare. Rose lets out a small gasp. His eyes are the darkest she’s seen them and he’s moving closer.

Resting his hands on her hips, the Doctor leans down, almost growling in her ear, “You’re right, Rose. Green is a very sexy colour.” She pulls back enough, about to declare victory when he spins her abruptly and sits her on the edge of the console, saying, “And you’re also correct. There is no way you are going to wear that outside.”

Before she has a chance to argue, her lips are covered and Rose quickly decides the Doctor can have his way. At least today.



Ten/Rose “on the same college tour” AU. 

Notes: So I saw this post that was just a list of AUs and I’ve decided to write my favorite ones. Also, I haven’t written Ten/Rose in ages and I need to get back in the habit. Unedited, unbeta’d, I know nothing of the university system in the UK so bear with me and, hopefully, enjoy. 

            He runs across campus, tie flapping behind him, still shrugging on his coat as he goes because he’s late, or nearly there, and he has a tour—and he wasn’t even supposed to take this one but Jack insisted he owed him or something and he’d been a bit drunk and feeling generous so he’d agreed and it wasn’t until his alarm beeped at him angrily that he remembered he was supposed to be at the admissions building in ten minutes to give the 8:30 tour.

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Anonymous asked:
Dirty, crushed, boy, nine and rose pleaseeeeeeeeee


Pairing: Nine/Rose

Rating: **ADULT, NSFW**


The Doctor exhaled a long breath and finally allowed his shoulders to drop down from mid-ear level. As he turned to the soft and warm human watching him from across the console, a slow grin slid up his face.

"Guess not everyone has our stamina, eh, Rose?"

She didn’t smile in response like he was expecting, instead scrunching up her forehead in a thoughtful expression as she glanced over at Jack’s retreating form and then back at him.

"Guess not," she replied but her mind was blatantly elsewhere. She drummed her fingers across her thigh.

The rhythm was remarkably mesmerizing and he forgot what they were talking about. Stamina. No, not stamina. Being alone finally. No. Bedtime? Definitely not. Wait. Maybe?

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